What Does St. James Represent?

St. James is a wonderful, nurturing place where Catholicism is first.  My own two children are St. James alumni, and were both extremely well-prepared for high school and college, thanks to an excellent foundation here at St. James.  Both are college graduates; my daughter is a fourth grade teacher in Branford. She was proud to be Hamden's Teacher of the Year last year and is currently obtaining her administration credentials and certification. My son is currently in his first year at UConn Law School. I am proud to have served on the Principal's Advisory Council, and my daughter has also served.   We are both very happy to "give back" to the school which has given us so much. I also serve on the Alumni Board for the University of Bridgeport.  I welcome your questions and comments.  Have a wonderful school year!

P.S. I am always available on Mondays for after school help!


My focus is to help students with challenging assignments, test/quiz preparation, study skills, reading comprehension, math review and drill, short and long term assignment planning, and time management.

Vision Statement

My vision for the 2014-2015 school year is to help each student to achieve his or her maximum academic potential while fostering greater self-confidence and independence.  My roster includes students with and without accommodation plans and/or IEP's. My goal for this year is to increase students' skills in the area of World Geography as we prepare them to be global citizens seeking to make the world a better place for all.